Tonic Herbalist | Rehmannia Dean Thomas has created this combination of superior Tonic herbs, used for centuries throughout Asia to enhance strength and resilience. The Dream formula is composed of herbs long used throughout Asia to calm the body and mind and gently promote restful sleep without the next-day grogginess. Nourish yourself to sleep with DREAM and awaken to a productive and energetic day. Use only the recommended amount according to instructions.


      • Peaceful sleep
      • Gentle
      • Wake up refreshed
      • Not habit forming
      • Not tranquilizing

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      DREAM is composed of herbs that help us drift into “twilight revelry,” where myriad dream images begin to settle our conscious thoughts, our worries, and our ambitions. Zizyphus, the roasted seed of the jujube fruit, gently nourishes relaxation and helps relieve anxiety. Scutellaria is revered for relaxing our nerves. Pearl is “grounding.” Polygonum stem also helps guide us into sleep state with a sense of safety. Albizzia flower is said to calm the heart. White peony root releases restless, pent-up energy, L-theanine is a well-known amino acid that promotes sleep, and Polygala is called the “will strengthener.” 

      DREAM is a true ally promoting calm sleep without causing grogginess the following day. It is not habit forming. A cup taken 30 minutes before bed makes a pleasant tasting night-time tonic. Use only as directed. Enjoy peaceful dreams!

      Directions 30 minutes before bedtime, take 1 slightly rounded teaspoonful in a cup of hot water. May add vegan milk and sweetener to taste. Over a few nights, you can adjust the amount you need for a restful, peaceful sleep.

      Ingredients Zizypuus, Reishi, White peony root, Polygonum stem, Scutellaria, Albizzia flower, Lohan quo, Bamboo, Polygala,  Schizandra, Pearl, L-Theanine, ORMUS

The majority of Tonic herbs are wild plants, harvested in forests in an ancient tradition by sanctioned collectors. Great care is taken to insure the herbs are gathered sustainably, with minimal damage to the environment. Rehmannia sources his herbal powdered extracts from pristine regions in the northern Manchurian province of China, as well as the Korean countryside. This region is geographically similar to Maine, hosting many protected biospheres which are monitored by the United Nations and the Chinese government. The herbs selected from these wild forests are designated “Di Tao,” meaning they are guaranteed pure, and sustainably collected from the region of their biological origin. We provide lab analysis (COA’s) upon request.

Chinese tonic herbs for RESTFUL SLEEP