3 MASTERS RDT Supertonic


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Tonic Herbalist | Rehmannia Dean Thomas has pioneered this combination of three of Earth’s most precious and powerful supertonics, revered in ancient China, India and Egypt. Reishi, Shilajit and ORMUS empower us with spiritually balanced, deep vitality.


A combination of the three most powerful super herbs and substances on Earth to make an ultra-tonic with no rival.

  • Overall empowerment
  • Spiritual fortitude
  • Endurance
  • Focus
  • Rejuvenation

Reishi, Shilajit and ORMUS together can’t be beat! Reishi is called the “herb of spiritual Immortality.” Reishi alone can change a person’s life, and instills “benevolent cycles of life.” It is also a powerful Immune modulating mushroom. Shilajit is arguably the most powerful and healthy super-substance in the World. Shilajit is the humic remains of primeval rain forests, broken down into extremely small molecules for easy assimilation by living creatures and plants. Shilajit is said to contain all 125 elements in surprisingly healthy ratios for humans, which is why it is called “Conqueror of mountains, destroyer of weakness. Indian Sufis attest shilajit to their near-superhuman powers. ORMUS is a sub-molecular energy at the threshold between energy and matter. It is said to be a “dedication device” that acts in the formation of molecular structures to create the appearance of the material world. Ancient Egyptian and Chinese tombs contain urns holding ORMUS made from gold. Our ORMUS is derived from precious inner-Earth salts, making it affordable, but equally effective.

Directions Add 1/2 teaspoon to a mug of hot water. Add creamer (suggested milks of almond, cashew, oat, flax) and sweetener to taste.

Ingredients Excipient-free 10:1 powdered extracts of Reishi 10:1 powdered extract, powdered Shilajit, ORMUS

The FDA has not evaluated this product and it is not intended to prevent, treat or diagnose disease. Keep out of reach of children.  Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if seal is broken.  Check with your doctor first if you are pregnant.

The majority of Tonic herbs are wild plants, harvested in forests in an ancient tradition by sanctioned collectors. Great care is taken to insure the herbs are gathered sustainably, with minimal damage to the environment. Rehmannia sources his herbal powdered extracts from pristine regions in the northern Manchurian province of China, as well as the Korean countryside. This region is geographically similar to Maine, hosting many protected biospheres which are monitored by the United Nations and the Chinese government. The herbs selected from these wild forests are designated “Di Tao,” meaning they are guaranteed pure, and sustainably collected from the region of their biological origin. We provide lab analysis (COA’s) upon request.

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