Welcome! You have found the some most powerful Supertonic herbal formulas in the USA.

I want to take a minute to thank all of you who’ve signed up for my newsletters and/or bought products. I’m very happy you have found me and the supertonic herb formulas I have developed.

Firstly, I cherish all the wonderful testimonials about your experiences with my formulas. I do enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction, and even exuberance after experiencing the effects of my formulas. This is due to many factors as noted above, some of which I will discuss below.

My products stand out because I have taken the true time to learn the foundational precepts of a 5000+ year old lineage of herbal alchemy from China. Over that vast time (in human terms), the masters of our linage of Tonic Herbalism experimented with herb-combining, and meticulously documented their observations. At some point they determined that when two herbs are combined, the effects are greater than the sum of the parts; one herb bolsters or balances the actions of the other, while non-beneficial herbal combinations were discarded. All of this consistent research and empirical observation has been meticulously documented in a single Materia Medica, today the basic foundation of modern Chinese medicine (TCM)…resulting in humanity’s most sophisticated and refined herbal pharmacopoeia (some wild animals may know even more!)

Modern Chinese medicine derives its formulas from this herbal system, but we in the Gate of Life lineage continue to practice the original precepts of Chinese herbalism, which placed emphasis on longevity, empowerment, prevention of disease and spiritual perception. The herbs we focus on are called Tonic Herbs, which are considered the superior class of herbs in TCM.

All that aside, I have been fully trained in the eight-year Master-pupil direct oral apprenticeship of the Gate of Life lineage. For this, I am deeply grateful and humbled to hold this knowledge ~ it is a blessing. The Chinese medical authorities recommend studying the classical formulas of the Chinese Materia Medica for at least eight years (20 is better), before branching out to create one’s own formulas. I did just this in reverence of the Great Masters before me. And now I have advanced the alchemy of Tonic Herbalism to address new health concerns we face in our modern world. These include stress, corruption of our chromosomes from pollutants and genetically modified molecules, and what I consider most important, spiritual suppression.

Reading this latter sentence, one might ask, “How can taking tonic herbs help the planet?” And I love to answer this question thusly; Many of the Tonic herbs help fortify spiritual perception, particularly reishi mushroom. In fact, the Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia includes an entire class of herbs that tonify the spirit. Frankly, that’s why I’m in this lineage. When we take herbs that open our spiritual perception, we inevitably experience a re-connection with all life… nature… the cosmos… ethereal energies… These are all part of the microcosm of you and me ~ we are not separate.

In my next newsletter, I will describe the purity of my sourcing and many of my innovations to improve purity and eficacy in the entire market of tonic herbs.

I’m so happy you took the time to read this message ~ more to come! and ‘May the Tao bless you’.

Until Next month,